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Together, we are creating a Maryland that provides everyone of us with the basic rights to have access to quality heath care and to a life that is rich and full of dignity.

We have not yet achieved these goals, but together, I am confident in our ability to meet these very fundamental rights. As one of the few health professionals in the state legislature, I will continue to ensure that health issues remain a top priority.

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(@SpeakerBusch) is following @ShirleyNPulliam on Twitter 2014-07-11 08:57:50 -0400
Maryland's Speaker, OUR Delegate • Authorized by Friends of Mike Busch, Neal B. Katcef, Treasurer.
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Maryland State Senator representing District 15, Montgomery County. By Authority: Citizens for Brian Feldman, Elaine Garson, Treasurer.
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MAP is a coalition of service providers, faith groups & organizations working & advocating for statewide policies & programs that help low income Marylanders