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(@BaltimoreMiss) is following @ShirleyNPulliam on Twitter 2019-11-16 09:45:18 -0500
holding elected officials accountable
@RobbynLewis46th mentioned @ShirleyNPulliam 2019-11-15 12:48:57 -0500
What an honor it is to work with, and learn from these brilliant, tireless leaders: Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam…
@JPenaMelnyk mentioned @ShirleyNPulliam 2019-11-15 10:33:18 -0500
Senator @ShirleyNPulliam working it! Great conversation on building bridges for health equity with community engag…
(@AloHank_) is following @ShirleyNPulliam on Twitter 2019-11-14 22:30:17 -0500
AARP State Director for Maryland. Likes: Music, Hawaii,Travel. Thoughts my own...retweets are not endorsements