Shirley Nathan-Pulliam Walking the Picket Line with SEIU Union Workers



Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam supporting the workers of John Hopkins Hospital in their work stoppage to gain higher


Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam and Pat



Shirley Nathan-Pulliam walking the picket line with SEIU Union workers as they strike for higher wages.



Shirley talking and listening to a union worker about the
working conditions and wages.

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We work in partnership with the community to develop programs that reduce vulnerability among the poor as well as promote growth, stability and self-sufficiency
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Evolving Politically Conscious Social Entrepreneur. Every minute counts 🙄 #Tech #Coding #STEM #CryptoCurrency #Biz
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Evolving Politically Conscious Social Entrepreneur. Every minute counts 🙄 #Tech #Coding #STEM #CryptoCurrency #Biz