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Legislative Achievements

Since my election to the Maryland General Assembly in 1995, I have been instrumental in sponsoring numerous bills and have to my credit over 40 pieces of legislation that have been signed in to law where I was the primary sponsor. As a co-sponsor I have hundreds of bills that were signed into law.

I am proud to say that each year I have grown as a legislator and have more in-depth understanding of the issues that are unique to my constituents, as well as those that impact the lives of all Marylanders.

Primary Sponsored Legislation that Signed into Law


  • HB 37/SB 175 – State Government – Commemorative Days – Maryland Centenarians Day
  • HB 79/SB 135 – Creation of a State Debt – Baltimore County – Youth in Transition School
  • HB 303 – Task Force to Study Point-of-Care Testing for Lead Poisoning
  • HB 425/SB 338 – State Board of Nursing – Medication Technician Graduates and Certified Medication Technicians – Sunset Extension


  • HB 238: State Board of Nursing – Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Medication Technicians, and Electrologists – Licensure and Certification Requirements
  • HB 243: Kathleen A. Mathias Chemotherapy Parity Act of 2012
  • HB 520: Electric Companies – Contact Voltage – Surveys and Mitigation – The Deanna Camille Green Act of 2012
  • HB 641: Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Viruses – Public Awareness, Treatment, and Outreach
  • HB 679: Cultural Competency and Health Literacy – Education
  • HB 1193: State Personnel – Traumatic Events – Mental Health Support Services


  • HB 183: State Board of Nursing – Electrologists – Examination and License Term
  • HB 378: State Board of Nursing – Medication Technician Graduates and Certified Medication Technicians
  • HB 387: Residential Child and Youth Care Practitioners – Certification – Implementation Plan
  • HB 444: Health Insurance – Provider Panels – Notice of Receipt of Application


  • HB 114: Health Occupations Boards – Revisions
  • HB 215: State Board of Nursing – Changes to the Electrology Practice Committee and Licensing Requirements
  • HB 286/SB 268: Creation of a State Debt – Baltimore County – Automotive Vocational Training Center
  • HB 302: State Board of Nursing and Certified Nursing Assistant Advisory Committee – Membership – Nominations for Vacancies
  • HB 624: Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nursing Assistants, and Medication Technicians – Changes to Licensure Requirements
  • HB 927: State Board of Social Work Examiners – Out-of-State Applicants – Licensure


  • HB 41: Health Insurance- Mandated Benefits- Hospitalization and Home Visits Following a Mastectomy
  • HB 76: Hepatitis C Virus- Public Awareness and Outreach- Sunset Extension
  • HB 394: Creation of a State Debt- Baltimore County- Automotive Vocational Training Center
  • HB 507: Inmates- Hepatitis C - Counseling and Referral to Medical Home
  • HB 510: Health Occupations- Licensure of Social Workers
  • HB 756: Cultural and Linguistic Health Care Provider Competency Program


  • HB 269: State Board of Nursing-Powes and Duties-Licensing, Certification, and Regulation
  • (Bond Bill) HB 293: Baltimore County- Family Life Intergenerational Center
  • HB 398 Task Force on Administrative Procedure Act
  • HB 811: State Board of Dental Examiners Nomination and Disciplinary Processes- Task Force on the Discipline of Health Care Professionals and Improved Patient Care
  • HB 942: Health Disparities-Institutions of Higher Education-Report
  • HB 450: Department of Health and Mental Hygiene- Behavioral Health and Disabilities
  • HB 514: Maryland Medbank Program Funding
  • HB 818: Task Force on Health Care Access and Reimbursement- Additional Duties


  • Health Occupations - Nurses - Dispensing Methadone.
  • Drug-Exposed Infants – Methamphetamine.
  • Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Primary Adult Care Program – Enrollment in a Managed Care Organization.
  • Health Insurance – Collection of Racial and Ethnic Data – Non-discrimination
  • Sickle Cell Disease – Statewide Steering Committee on Services for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease
  • Workgroup on Cultural Competency and Workforce Development for Mental Health Professionals
  • HB 988: State Board of Dental Examiners - Program Evaluation and Licensee Protection.


  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene-- Racial and Ethnic Variations-- Health Care Disparities Policy Report Card
  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene -- Public Awareness and Outreach - Hepatitis C Virus and Organ, Tissue, and Eye Donation
  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Adult Sicke Cell Anemia - Study
  • Health Insurance -- Participation of Health Care Providers on Provider Panels - Workers' Compensation Services
  • Cultural Competency and Health Outcomes - Pilot Program
  • Funding for Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment


  • State Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board
  • State Board of Nursing -- Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Integration of Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Treatment Services
  • Task Force on the Needs of Persons with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders -- Termination Date Extension and Modifications
  • State Commission on Kidney Disease -- Membership


  • Maryland Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities
  • State Board of Nursing - Skilled Nursing Assistants - Establishment and Certification
  • State Board of Nursing - Nursing Assistants and Medication Technicians - Miscellaneous Provisions


  • Disease Prevention - Hepatitis C Advisory Council
  • Task Force on the Needs of Persons with Co-Occuring Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Mental Hygiene Administration - Emergency Evaluation - Standards and Content
  • Health Care Services Disparities Prevention Act


  • HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean


  • State Advisory Council on Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Medical Assistance and Children's Health Programs - Directory of Health Care Providers
  • Federal Funding for a Hepatitis A and B Vaccination Program


  • Board of Physical Therapy Examiners - Changes in the Physical Therapy Practice Act
  • Nursing Homes - Staffing
  • Oral Health Programs - Reducing Oral Cancer Mortality


  • Assisted Living Programs - Small Facilites
  • Nursing Facilities - Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Task Force on Quality of Care in Nursing Facs - Nursing Home Comparative Evaluation System
  • State Board of Examiners of Psychologists - Disciplinary and Regulatory Authority


  • State Personnel - Disas Service Leave
  • Board of Nursing - Discipline
  • Nurses - Safe Nursing Practices
  • Maryland Electorology Practice Act
  • Breast Cancer Program


  • State Board of Electrologists
  • Task Force to Study HIV Exposure in Maryland Correctional Facilities


  • State Boad of Examiners of Professional Counselors - Alcohol and Drug Counselors - Certification
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment - Inmates- State Funding
  • Local Board of Social Services - Elecion of Member to Public Office
  • State Board of Nursing - Regulatory Authority
  • State Health Resources Planning Commission - Freestanding Primary Care Facilities - Study


  • Creation of a State Debt- Baltimore City - Girls Scout Service Center
  • Local Boards of Social services - Election of Member to Public Office
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